Now you can SELL your used items on Stuffstr with StuffHopper!

Hoping to make a return on an investment? Now you can effortlessly resell your used items with an estimated resale value of $50 or more through full-service reseller StuffHopper (Note: The estimated resale value of each item is located in your My Stuff inventory on the top-left corner of the item thumbnail).

Just swipe the items you want to sell into the StuffHopper box (Note: The StuffHopper box will only appear if the item has an estimated resale value of $50 or more), mark the condition of each item, and StuffHopper does the rest - takes pictures, creates and manages listings across multiple resale platforms, and ships the items to buyers.

Seattle-based users will have a StuffHopper truck pick up their items, while users in other areas will receive a free pre-paid shipping label to mail their items to StuffHopper.

StuffHopper sells your items at the highest possible price and sends you the new proceeds (there is no charge for items that don't sell).