Stuffstr provides retailers with unique insights into post-sale product life cycles and consumer behavior. Participating in our mobile app creates customer engagement, informs sustainability practices, and has a positive environmental impact.


Data is an essential resource for business today. Retailers, like, use data to optimize supply chains, inform merchandising and marketing, and create personalized user experiences that increase engagement, retention, and revenue. Most retailers capture extensive data about their products and customers throughout the sales process, but they have little or no information about what happens post-sale, which is when the majority of a product's life occurs. How long does a product last? How often does it break? How often is it resold, and at what price? Very few retailers can answer these questions.


Stuffstr’s mobile app captures post-sale product lifecycle and consumer behavior data, providing insights that fill the gaps in your current business intelligence, while expanding customer engagement, revenue opportunities, and sustainability.

How It Works

  • Customers automatically import a personal inventory of their purchases into the Stuffstr App, including detailed product information
  • As users donate, repair, resell, or recycle items, Stuffstr captures unique product life cycle data



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