Give Back Box - Free Shipping To Goodwill®

We've partnered with Give Back Box to let you schedule free shipping of donations to Goodwill right from your iPhone. Here's how it works:

First, select an item you'd like to give away—either from your My Stuff inventory or by manually entering it—and swipe it down into Give Back Box, which is among the choices of organizations that appear at the bottom of the app. Give Back Box will only display as an option for items that Goodwill accepts, which include clothing and household goods. Continue doing this for all items you'd like to send to Goodwill. This will let Goodwill know what's coming, and provide you with a history of what you've donated! 

Once you've entered enough items to fill a box (or two, or three!), tap on the Give Back Box icon at the bottom of the app, and you'll be taken to a listing of all the items you've selected. If you're happy with your selections, tap on "next steps" and select "get free mail-in label and schedule pick-up." Here you can chose the "order pickup" option for a free pickup and, through Give Back Box, we'll notify the postal service to pick up your items the next day and email you a free shipping label.

Finally, find an old cardboard box lying around, fill it up with your items, and tape the free shipping label to the box. 

Then just leave the box out for your mail carrier the following day—and away it goes!   

Using Stuffstr and Give Back Box is the easiest way to give your clothes and household items (and that old cardboard box) a second life and keep stuff out of landfills. And best of all, it's free!