We all have lots of stuff, and keeping track of it shouldn't be a full-time job. That's why Stuffstr was designed—from the ground up—to help you manage, track, and recirculate your stuff.

Check out some of our amazing time and money-saving features below:

Auto-import Amazon purchases – Connect to Amazon and automatically import past, present, and future purchases!

Auto-import emailed receipts – Connect your email and automatically import emailed receipts from over 700,000 retailers!

Craigslist –  Now you can SELL your used items on Stuffstr with Craigslist!

StuffHopper –  Now you can SELL your used items on Stuffstr with StuffHopper!

Give Back Box – Donate to Goodwill from the comfort of your home with free delivery!

Deliv – Let Deliv deliver your used stuff to Goodwill - for free!