7 February 2017: Press Release - Stuffstr Adds Same-Day, Free Donation Pick-Up Courtesy of Deliv and Full-Service Resale from StuffHopper
"The Stuffstr app now offers free same-day pick-up for Goodwill donations and full-service resale for items worth $50 or more. The services are made possible through partnerships with leading same-day delivery service Deliv and full-service reseller StuffHopper."

17 January 2017: Press Release - Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation Teams Up with Stuffstr App To Keep More Clothes Out of Landfill and Support Mentoring Programs
"The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern CT Foundation (BBBSSWCTF) and Stuffstr are teaming up to help keep apparel out of landfills and recycle it through a partnership with Savers to benefit their mentoring programs."

4 January 2017: Circulate - Is Stuffstr the App that Enables Retailers Like H&M to Transition to a Circular Economy?
"There is more than $7000 worth of unused stuff sitting in your house, according to Stuffstr and its founder John Atcheson, a sum that likely increased for many people during the holiday period. It’s a statistic that really strikes home on the scale of the opportunity (and the challenge) facing a company like multinational retailer H&M, who has started a 100% circular campaign."

26 December 2016: GeekWire - Stuffstr turns unused stuff into sustainable treasure, proving the power of the ‘circular economy’
"According to Stuffstr co-founder John Atcheson, you probably have $7,000 worth of unused stuff sitting in your house. And the total may have gone up over the weekend, as new gifts rendered some of your older items obsolete."

14 December 2016: Conscious Connection Magazine - Recycle Clothing with The North Face Clothes The Loop and Stuffstr
"Two programs that make it easier for consumers to reuse and recycle clothing and shoes recently joined forces to spread the word about their work."

7 December 2016: World Economic Forum - 5 Environmentally Friendly Companies That Are Changing The World
"When people talk about the circular economy, they focus on eliminating waste by reimagining the product lifecycle – from design to end of life. And yes, that's one aspect. But circular approaches are also about tapping into new sources of value, turning waste into wealth in ways that were impossible before the advent of digital technology."

15 November 2016: Press Release - H&M Taps Stuffstr App To Keep Clothes Out of Landfill on America Recycles Day
"In celebration of America Recycles Day, H&M and Stuffstr are teaming up to help keep apparel out of landfill by directing you to your nearest H&M store, where you can drop off unwanted clothing through their garment collecting program."

8 November 2016: Press Release - The North Face Climbs On Board The Stuffstr App To Help People Clothes The Loop
"The North Face® and Stuffstr are partnering to help keep used clothes out of landfill."

26 August 2016: Fast Company Co.Exist - This app will help you declutter your piles of unused stuff
"A new app called Stuffstr is designed to help you declutter, whether you're on a Marie Kondo-inspired purge or just starting to feel guilty about everything you own that's going to waste."

18 August 2016: ConsumerAffairs - Stuffstr app can help you keep your unused items out of landfills
"What if, instead of taking those items to the dump or gathering them up to take to a thrift store, you could get them into the hands of someone who could use them?"

17 August 2016: Treehugger - Stuffstr helps you put the stuff you don't use back to work
"A new app aims to increase the useful life of our stuff after we've bought it, essentially bringing about a purer version of the sharing economy than the Uber-fication of everything."

11 August 2016: GreenBiz - Can Stuffstr become the Uber for Stuff?
"The emphasis is on donating, recycling and giving things to friends. Basically, keeping things out of landfills whenever possible... My second reaction came straight from the gut: This is how I felt the first time I used Uber. "

26 July 2016: Press Release - Swipe Your Way To Less Clutter With The New Stuffstr App
"The Stuffstr App, which launches today in the App Store®, helps you declutter your life and keep things out of landfill. Stuffstr matches your unused stuff to local and national organizations that will reuse or recycle it. "

22 June 2016: IOT Journal - The IoT Could Make Retailers' Dreams About RFID Come True
"Stuffstr wants to support a circular economy, but it's not going to wait until item-level tagging becomes the norm before it starts doing so."

19 May 2016: WasteDIVE: 5 key takeaways from USCCF Sustainability Forum on the circular economy
"Many technological developments were exemplified at the Forum, all offering a tool or product to help companies reach sustainability goals. Some of these technologies came in the form of software — such as Optoro, a reverse logistics solutions software for retailers, or Stuffstr, an app that promotes "post-sale product life cycle."

4 April 2016: Sustainable Brands - Can This App Help Consumers, Retailers Redefine Our Relationship with Stuff?"It is these unloved assets that start-up tech firm Stuffstr is looking to rehome through its business intelligence platform, a mobile app that aims to help people extend the working life and value of the things they buy, whilst providing brands and retailers with useful data into post-sale consumer behaviour and product life cycles."

23 February 2016: Oregon Business - The Circle Game
"Buying products we don’t fully use is incredibly destructive. For example, most people don’t realize that the CO2 embedded in the household items we buy each year exceeds the annual emissions of the entire U.S. auto fleet. So getting even just 10%-20% more use out of the things you buy is equivalent to not driving your car for one to two months every year."

16 January 2016: Fortune - These are the Pioneers of the Circular Economy
"In the Digital Disruptor category a number of startups focused on taking the waste out of our consumer economy. Stuffstr has designed an app that provides retailers with information about what happens to their products after the sale. The retailer gets to keep tabs on how long the product lasts and how much it sells for on the used market. What do customers get out of it? Stuffstr, based in Seattle, helps consumers resell or recycle their items when the time comes."

16 January 2016: Linkedin - The Night The Circular Economy Joined a Revolution
"...Established corporate power-houses like Canon and Caterpillar, sat alongside disruptive and ambitious start-ups like Stuffstr (keep an eye out for their imminent launch - especially if you're a retailer...), Neptuno Pumps (representing the very best in South American innovation) and Lanzatech (whose charismatic leader, Jennifer Holmgren, rightly picked up the Young Global Leaders Award for Circular Economy Entrepreneur)."