Stuffstr's Craigslist Feature Helps Gives Your Stuff a Second Life

At Stuffstr, our mission is to make it as simple as possible for people to give their stuff a second life. Our dedicated users know that an important part of making this happen is by making it easy to upload their purchases automatically—either directly from their favorite retailers, or by auto-scanning their email receipts.

Imagine if you could quickly and easily give anything you own a second and third life by effortlessly posting anything in your inventory directly to Craigslist. Well, you don't actually have to imagine it, because we've done it, and the response from our user community has been extremely positive.

We're excited about this new feature of the Stuffstr app, because it brings the ease and convenience of Stuffstr to Craigslist's community of 60 million users. We hope everyone in the Craigslist community will take advantage of the capabilities of the Stuffstr app. Not only does Stuffstr make is so much easier to access the Craigslist marketplace, but the app also provides hassle-free options for giving away things you don’t have the time to sell. For example, the app enables you to have things delivered to Goodwill for free right from your door at the tap of a button. Our goal is to help every item find a second and third life, so that less will end up in the landfill.

We're working every day to improve the Stuffstr app to give people more and more ways to get rid of their stuff, whether it's selling it, donating it, or giving it away to friends and family. We believe our new Craigslist feature—combined with Stuffstr’s ability to auto-load purchases and item details directly from retailers—makes Stuffstr the most comprehensive platform out there to make all of that happen. If you haven't already checked out the Stuffstr app, give it a spin!