Savers State of Reuse

 Savers Reuse Infographic (courtesy Savers)

Savers Reuse Infographic (courtesy Savers)

Savers is a multinational thrift retailer whose business model is squarely focused on reuse as a core business strategy. Reuse is at the heart of what they do, much like it is for us at Stuffstr. So it's not a surprise that they would wonder, like we do every day: Why is it that perfectly good stuff doesn't get reused as often as it should?

To get at that question, Savers recently commissioned a study on reuse, specifically looking into consumer behaviors and attitudes. The results were in some respects not terribly surprising (convenience is key), but also gave us reason to be optimistic.

Of the many findings, these are the ones that we found most interesting:

  • Awareness makes a difference – Americans significantly underestimate how much unused clothing ends up in landfill. The people surveyed for the report underestimated the total by nearly a half. Furthermore, more than half of North Americans said they'd be more likely to reuse clothing once they understood the environmental impacts of making new clothing.
  • About half of the people surveyed said they had too much stuff. In the case of clothing, many simply toss it in the trash because it's easier than finding a way it can be reused.

When it comes to consumer behavior and the environment, people's intentions often don't match up with their actions. The report bears that out. For Savers, it's a matter of figuring out how to get better at cracking that nut to continue to grow their business. For us at Stuffstr, it's further confirmation that we're on the right track by working to make reuse an easier, more convenient habit. You can check out here.