Auto-import emailed receipts from over 700,000 retailers! 

Did you know you Stuffstr can automatically import emailed receipts from your purchases?

Here's how it works:

First, from the main menu, select "add stuff." You'll be taken to the Add Your Stuff screen pictured below. This screen invites you to capture all the e-receipts that have been emailed to you.

When you select "add email receipts," you'll be invited to log into your email account and asked to allow our partner Slice to automatically upload any emailed receipts you've received over the past few years. If you store you e-receipts in a folder other than your Inbox, be sure to follow the instructions below.

Once your items have been loaded, all future emailed receipts will be added automatically to your inventory, creating a ongoing record of all your stuff!


If you store your e-receipts in a folder other than your Inbox, please follow these instructions:

If you have a Yahoo, AOL or iCloud email address, there should be no problem finding your purchases. 

For Gmail email accounts, make sure Show in IMAP is enabled on the labels/folders you'd like Slice to search. You can find this option in your Gmail settings under labels. If you enabled this setting after you've linked your account to Slice, please unlink and relink your email account to Slice. 

For Comcast and Cox accounts, Slice is unable to find purchases in folders. If you do have purchases within a folder please move them to your Inbox. Once Slice has added them to your account, feel free to move them back into a folder.