Auto-import your purchases from Amazon and over 700,000 other retailers! 

Did you know you Stuffstr can automatically import your purchases—past, present, and future—from

It can also do the same for emailed receipts! 

Here's how it works:

First, from the main menu, select "add stuff." You'll be taken to the Add Your Stuff screen pictured below. This screen invites you to upload you purchase history from Amazon, capture all the e-receipts that have been emailed to you, and enter individual items manually.

When you select "add Amazon purchases," you'll be invited to log into your Amazon account and automatically upload into your personal My Stuff inventory everything you've purchased from Amazon over the past several years. Don't worry—Stuffstr automatically filters out consumable items like food or toiletries!

When you select "add email receipts," you'll be invited to log into your email account and asked to allow our partner Slice to automatically upload any emailed receipts you've received over the past few years. 

To manually add additional items, just select "add an item manually" and follow the prompts.

Once your items have been loaded, all future Amazon purchases and emailed receipts will be added automatically to your inventory, creating a complete record of all your stuff.